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Goofus and Gallant’s Code of Ethics

April 6, 2013


As a kid sitting in the dentist’s office a long, long time ago (the  late 70’s/early 80’s),  Highlights was THE magazine of choice. Of course, I wasn’t interested in the puzzles or crafts or anything that might teach me something but only…..Goofus and Gallant! Goofus and Gallant were real life to me…at least Goofus was. I […]

Finally…..a Worthy, Seattle Protest!!!

April 1, 2013


Many people outside of the Pacific Northwest think of Seattle as a crunchy, green, cause oriented city. That’s somewhat true I would say – there have been very large public protests here in the past (the World Trade Organization protests in 1999 being the most infamous) but mostly not. Like all progressive cities, the causes […]

Does Seattle Need “Actors, Models and Talent for Christ??”

March 18, 2013


When driving on the main road near my apt in North Seattle, I often pass by an  Actors, Models and Talent for Christ (AMTC) billboard. I had driven by the billboard a few times originally thinking it was nothing more than a cheesy, low-budget ad but at some point I read it. Seeing the name […]

The Death of Grass (No Blade of Grass) – A Short Review

February 12, 2013


     I just finished reading John Christopher’s The Death of Grass, a short, quick post-apocalyptic work of fiction first published in 1956. The American publishers of the book changed the name to No Blade of Grass in 1957. The book was an immediate best seller and eventually (1970) became the basis for a movie […]

My Modern Mennonite Neighbors

January 30, 2013


The cooperative I moved into when I got married recently is exclusively Mennonite (w my wife being the one exception). They are not the Mennonites from PA or rural Ohio, similar to the Amish, in which the women wear doilies on their heads and the men wear suspenders and sprout long beards. She had told […]

Daily Devotionals

January 10, 2013


I began a daily devotional time with my wife on Jan 1st. Although we have only been married since October, it was something I had been thinking of for some time. In all my years as a single man, I had never had a set time in the day in which to read Scriptures or […]

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