6 Things Your Neighbors Want You to Do

Posted on June 1, 2013


State Farm’s slogan hasn’t changed since 1971. It begins: “Like a Good Neighbor…”

Good neighbors are great but a rarity. In today’s busy world it takes more than providing insurance for catastrophic events to win the hearts of those living nearby. 

If you do want the keys to the neighborhood, to be the neighbor who’s loved by all/hated by none, then you have to do some work (though not much).

Your neighbors will not tell you what they want you to do. However, with careful study and a little observation you can find out what they want/expect/love in a neighbor.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to stalk them or sift through their trash. With a little observation, you can safely categorize them and get busy scratching their itch!

But before you begin speaking to your neighbor’s psychological needs, you must know what to avoid. There are certain types of people who do things universally despised on a street-to-street, block- by- block basis. If you avoid these then you at least start with a clean slate in your neighbor’s mind.

Your neighbors do not want… 

  • A Mayor – if you’re alwayz up in people’s bizness they will not dig you.  Worse, if you greet your neighbor before they had their coffee, you risk gettin’ cussed out!
  • A Lawn Doctor – if all of your conversations w the neighbors revolve around rain, brown grass, your flowers, fertilizer and the little kids who trample your precious lawn then only fellow kranks will appreciate you.
  • A Home Improvement Guy – if your house is always under construction,  constantly has workers coming and going, scattered tools on the lawn, a dumpster with a porta potty on the street  then… yes, your neighbors hate it. They are also the ones tattling on you to the zoning board. Do you blame them?

Your neighbors want you to… 

  1. Smile when the teenager down the block blasts Rick Ross from his car stereo, w the windows down, while it’s running and he’s in the house showering  in preparation for his date. Bonus points for waving when the lil’ tyke eventually drives  by.
  2. Listen patiently when the woman next door offers a play-by-play account of Gypsy’s latest shenanigans. Forget that you already know everything about Gypsy because the pooch never shuts up!
  3. Wave to the old woman across the street. The elderly don’t ask for much other than a wave of the hand and a “like” on their Pinterest boards.
  4. Buy something from the garage sale two doors down. You’re not there to find something of interest but to help parents teach their kids an easy business lesson. Nothing thrills a nine-year-old like making change for a customer!
  5. Ignore the anti-social, recluse on the corner. If this mysterious guy didn’t loathe people, he’d actually thank you for respecting his anonymity.
  6. Attend the annual block party. Bring a 36 pack of Mountain Dew to pass around and join the Electric Slide as soon as the DJ hollas!

So, they all appreciate your neighbor-to-neighbor service even if they never say so. What’s the payoff you wonder? A Neighbor-of-the-Year coffee mug? A few compliments after you’ve moved away? Block association president?

Nope ..the biggest payoff is the credibility you build. Remember, a good name is worth its weight in gold.

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