How to Make Long Flights Less Painful

Posted on May 4, 2013


Do you like flying? cross-country?

In the age of the TSA no less? 

I know some people have strange reasons for enjoying a flight but they’re usually obscure and particular. Flying today is tedious and terrible, particularly when relegated to coach.

If tickets were cheap, it would more tolerable but bargains are rare. Even with all the sites dedicated to getting you a deal.

The airlines (w few exceptions) have crammed more passengers into less room. They’ve also nixed the “free” meals which….OK, is not cause for complaint since airline food = hospital food. The air in the cabin is usually stuffy and always recycled. Your carry-on rarely fits into the overhead bin because an eager-beaver fellow passenger will already have claimed it.

Unless you snag an aisle seat, it’s a hassle to get out and use the bathroom. Why? Because when you do, the stewardess will be pushing the drink cart up the aisle and you’ll have to dive into someone’s lap to let her pass.

So, how do you make the flight less grueling? or at least tolerable? or good enough that when someone on the ground politely asks you how your flight was, you don’t glare at them?

Get some work done – Focus and get busy. Meaningful, billable work is best but even if it’s grunt work…..completing it while flying is very satisfying.

Read something you’ve been putting off – Pleasurable books or magazines that you haven’t had the time for. You’ll retain a lot of what you read since you’re forced to sit still.

Talk w your neighbor – Occasionally you might end up sitting next to someone interesting. If so, converse. I had the pleasure of chatting w a local when I was flying to Belize. After landing, she gave me a ride all the way into the city – for free!

Pray – It’s a very good time to meditate on God’s word and give thanks to Him for all your blessings.

Sleep – Anyone who can fall asleep on a plane can hit the ground running when they land.

Write – The long ride makes writing thank you cards, notes, journal entries and brainstorming sessions a breeze.

Watch some bad TV – Flying cross-country allows you to catch up on all the back episodes of LA Ink, Pawn Stars, Hoarders and Lockdown. Not recommended if you’re feeling queasy.

Listen to some good music – The music can prepare you for where you’re going and who you’ll be seeing.

Replay painful situations and nurse old grudges – Just kidding! Not a good use of airline time.

Take a smoking break – Double kidding! Smoking on an airplane will earn you a life sentence plus 50 years in one of the prisons featured in Lockdown.

Hope this list helps make your next long flight better. Apparently, transporters are still in the development stage…

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