The Shocking Truth About Pregnancy Cravings

Posted on April 27, 2013


I’m sure you’ve heard about the many strange food cravings women develop while pregnant.

I know a few women who drooled over Burger King, Taco Bell and ice cream when they were expectant. Stuff they normally would be embarrassed to eat!

I can’t help reading the tabloid covers as I wait online at the supermarket. Currently, they’re chock-full of stories about whatever Kim Kardashian is scarfing down.

My wife is craving fruit. Lots of it. She’s always loved pears, plums, pineapple and melon. It’s just magnified now and she wants to know that there’s at least a two-week supply of the stuff on hand….. always.

And no, she doesn’t care that Dr. Mercola advises going easy on nature’s candy. All things considered, it’s one of the healthier food choices for a woman growing a baby.

But you should know that for women…     

The cravings never go away completely

No, I don’t mean that they’ll always be eating weird stuff in double portions.

I mean that for most women, food will always represent something more than nourishment. Their attachment to it is strong and  without explanation. Pregnancy cravings are more than biological because the truth is….no one craves Taco Bell out of necessity!

Why won’t they go away you ask?

I don’t know with pinpoint accuracy and I don’t want to get  Oprahish, but it probably has to do with a lot of things. Their physical design (body fat vs lean muscle percentage), their emotional design (nurturer rather than conqueror), their social design (talking over a meal), their need for security, sociology, etc.

This is true even for female fitness gurus. I’m on the mailing list of a Brooklyn-based trainer/dietitian/coach. Her clients are all women and 75% of her emails discuss emotions and how they relate to food. She wouldn’t do that if it wasn’t necessary. A parallel business serving guys would not devote so much space to emotional eating…they’d save it for building bigger biceps!!!

How to survive her food oddities

My advice for surviving your woman’s food weirdness?

You just have to laugh. As much as possible, while listening. Women will always want to talk about their food, pregnant or not. So, expect it and take it in stride.

Currently, in our house the biggest issue is not taste but smell. My wife has a bionic nose. A lot of formerly OK smells bother her. Garlic is understandable but mint gum? toothpaste? water?? She’s been told by friends that some of her food and scent aversions will remain after pregnancy. Interesting yes, but fascinating? I don’t think so, but if she wants to analyze it a few years from now and ponder its meaning? I’ll listen and hopefully laugh.

And be thankful that I never came down with Couvade Syndrome!

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