What is Controversy in the Blogosphere?

Posted on April 12, 2013


What passes for controversy in the world of blogs today? Can that be answered emphatically? ….there are 170 million blogs in existence today.

According to many social media consultants and the author of What Color Is Your Parachute? ,you must exercise caution whenever you post personal feelings/opinions/thoughts online. A simple Google or Twitter search could leave you with some s’plainen to do! Certainly, Facebook postings have gotten people canned before. Blogs, particularly the personal diary types, are no exception. Pouring your heart out in writing or even discussing something theoretically will not get an “artistic license” pass.

I’d say the biggest taboos in the blogosphere are the same no-no’s in the real world. The big three are probably racism, child and animal abuse. Any blogger who seems to promote or condone these three is likely to suffer online shame. Or not. If nobody reads your writing or cares what you say then….who will be there to disapprove?

I thought of people’s indifference to “controversy” when I remembered the encounter I had with a man several years ago. I was walking through Union Square in NYC and spotted a man selling DVDs alleging a government cover up of the 9/11 events.

Me: “Has anyone screamed at you or called you a nut-job?”

Him: “Nope, business is slow….most people don’t care.”

Remember, this was only a few years and a few miles from “Ground Zero.” Never forget…??

I think this is also how it works in the blogosphere. There are simply too many blogs out there. A lot of us would be thrilled if anything we wrote generated controversy!  It’d mean somebody’s reading our posts!! After all, someone didn’t someone say “all publicity is good publicity“??



Thoughts? What makes a blog controversial these days?


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