Being Productive While Being Home All Day

Posted on February 7, 2013


Even for a blog posting, this is kind of hard to write. I am currently unemployed (as in….nobody is paying me money for anything) and yet, that adjective being a pejorative, is not how I want to explain myself for very long (it’s a defeatist mindset). Yeah, I know I might sound like a PC nerd or a new age mind/body type (e.g. “disabled” vs “differently abled”)but so be it. Since nobody is offering me a job w a wage I’d be satisfied with, it is up to me to figure out how to go about earning a living.

At one time not too long ago, finding a decent job was as easy as answering an ad or talking to a friend. That is no longer the case. The author of What  Color is Your Parachute? says 100-200 people apply for the average Craigslist posting. So, the odds are pretty low of getting a job that way. I’ve found it tough even to get responses for crappy part-time work (I don’t use crappy lightly!). It’s always been hard to get most people to part willingly with their money, nowadays even big companies doing well are being circumspect about hiring. So, it comforts me a bit that I’m not the only one struggling, but only a bit because this is the new normal. The economy is not going to sprout wings anytime soon and it’s better to grasp that now rather than later. Besides, looking at ads only puts you on the defensive….it means bending yourself into a pretzel to meet the company’s requirements instead of going on the offense and selling/marketing yourself….approaching them as a peer, w you (me) as the person who could help them accomplish their goals. The win-win mindset is more inspiring than the beggar’s mindset. 

I have several ideas I’m examining now, one of which would be to write blog posts for assisted living facilities and nursing homes ( is a site I’ve started). A blog posting should take less work than writing an article does, but can become tedious when I’m careless. Closing all unnecessary tabs helps minimize temptations for me. I find researching and writing is best done early in the morning, right after breakfast, before reading the news. I like to remind myself that in being distracted continually by unimportant stuff, I will ensure further “unemployment”. Grown ups get their work done!

Lists are a must! If I don’t write a few things to accomplish for the day (meaningful stuff, not “showering” or “eating lunch”) I’m usually unsuccessful. I prefer to write the list the night before, but writing it before starting work in the morning works too. Allocating time for each item is good to do as well, I find it makes me work faster. Many days I find my energy and concentration dips around 11 am and doesn’t come back until 1’ish. Some days this is a good time to go to the gym (3 blocks away) or for a walk. However, sometimes doing those things will distract me and throw my schedule off even further. So, I suggest making the call – exercising or buckling down and pushing through the wall. If you do exercise, just be sure to stick come back ready to work.

I have at least two other things I’m working on that I think are possible, both home based. I’ve always admired entrepreneurs but dreamed I’d become one voluntarily, not by necessity!

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