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My Field Trip to Seattle’s Northwest African American Museum

February 28, 2013


I took a tour of the Northwest African American Museum in Seattle yesterday, in my role as a chaperon for a skilled nursing home. I’m assuming the activities director chose the museum because it’s February,  designated Black History Month in the United States, but am not certain. She might have picked it for other reasons – it […]

T Shirt Shop Transactions

February 16, 2013


One of the ideas I’ve thought about regularly these past few years has been a T-shirt collection. It doesn’t get much simpler than that for a budding entrepreneur. It wouldn’t require a lot of money to start with and selling the stuff online couldn’t be too difficult I always figured. Now, having more free time […]

The Death of Grass (No Blade of Grass) – A Short Review

February 12, 2013


     I just finished reading John Christopher’s The Death of Grass, a short, quick post-apocalyptic work of fiction first published in 1956. The American publishers of the book changed the name to No Blade of Grass in 1957. The book was an immediate best seller and eventually (1970) became the basis for a movie […]

We Don’t Need a War Tax

February 12, 2013


We Don’t Need a War Tax.

Being Productive While Being Home All Day

February 7, 2013


Even for a blog posting, this is kind of hard to write. I am currently unemployed (as in….nobody is paying me money for anything) and yet, that adjective being a pejorative, is not how I want to explain myself for very long (it’s a defeatist mindset). Yeah, I know I might sound like a PC nerd […]

A few differences between Seattle and New York (as I see them)….

February 4, 2013


I’ve been told by several former New Yorkers that it’ll take 2-3 years of adjusting before I’ll be comfortable in Seattle. That sounds like a long time to me. What does adjusting mean to most people? Doesn’t it become obvious fairly quickly whether you like a place or not? If you don’t like a place, […]

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