Facebook Conversations and Disconnect

Posted on January 25, 2013


Congresswoman carolyn mccarthy

I TRY to only view Facebook a few times a week (more if someone sends me a message through it) because I think it’s pretty stoopid. Often helpful yes, but still stoopid. Last month after the Sandy Hook shooting an acquaintance from HS took to Facebook to announce that she had done some research (?) and was now riled up and fully ready to do her part to take down the NRA (similar to what Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy did after her husband and son were shot on Long Island’s commuter railroad by a black guy angry at whites). I’m sure she was one of many other female’s wit attitude (F.W.A.) emoting at this time, but definitely the most prolific among my “friends”. Her predictable posts did call out for an honest response but I was content with one liners (“why not ban public schools instead of guns?”, etc. which were ignored). One guy also from HS did attempt to engage her. He approached it from the law-n-order, Republican angle, saying arming teachers or supplying armed security for the schools was the answer. She staggered at his suggestions and fired back repeatedly. It wasn’t uncivil but then her inarticulate husband got involved and starting cursing at the guy, as did a few other “liberals”. Apparently the NRA guy quit the conversation and “unfriended” her (another post naturally). Yesterday, I saw her latest posting, hooraying the Pentagon’s promotion of women to the front lines of battle. Don’t know if women will now serve in active duty, but she thought this was a huge leap forward for equality between the sexes. She received a few “you go girl” for making this important news public.

Since there is nothing liberal about this woman (I would call her a progressive or a statist) she is unable to extrapolate. I wrote to her asking why she was applauding war and if she thought foreign lives (the people the military is at war with) were props for womyn’s equality? I asked her if she thought there was an inconsistency between cheering the military and grieving over the dead children in CT? She wrote back something about guns being for professionals who were protecting her overseas (?) and not for the average citizen, clearly missing the connection I was making. So, I responded w this link about drone strikes on children in Pakistan and Yemen. She did not reply. Probably didn’t know how to or was confused or thought I was crazy. The inability or refusal to entertain ideas and follow their links and relationships is endemic to our culture. I find it demoralizing and unfortunate. It is a result of the non-stop stimulation many gorge on which limits the time spent reading anything challenging.  I recently finished Brave New World and laughed hard at Lenia’s confusion at the Savage’s attempt to woo her. She got angry after the confusion wore off and then disgusted. How different is that from progressives who tell thoughtful brave new worldpeacemakers to “go to hell” or to “die”? They are less interested in the means of achieving something than the finished product, so they cork their ears to ugly details. If pushed, they will turn on the messenger and bite. They will always have a like-minded types to back them up. The debased intellect of American culture presents a challenge to serious minds but benefits as well. We can speak freely, without code, and know that very few will understand. Every day provides fodder and adventure for me and ultimately hope. Human culture has always alternated between high and low points; 2013 in the United States is a low point.

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