Brother, can you spare a dime?

Posted on January 17, 2013


Begging professional

Begging professional (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m used to beggars. Almost every subway ride I took while living in NY involved a beggar. The beggar(s) either asked for money, asked for money with an accompanying sob story, or asked for money while performing (playing an instrument, dancing). It can be profitable; how else to explain seeing the same person with the same sad story year after year? Inevitably, most beggars got something from every subway car they worked. Tourists and natives gave for a few different reasons I’m sure. Now though, I’m largely removed from overt begging except when it comes to salespeople. A few minutes ago, a young man and woman knocked on my door offering a 10 wk daily and weekend subscription to the Seattle Times for the price of Sunday’s paper. I declined. He asked me if I read the paper online, “no” I said, “unless there’s a link to it from whatever it is I’m reading” (see previous post). He then reiterated  how cheap it was and that there was NO obligation. To which, I said, “sorry”. Finally, he told me he was only accompanying the young lady because she was trying to earn a scholarship to attend college. Maybe that was the case but ……c’mon, if the purchase of the subscription hinges on me feeling sorry for her then…’s a loser! I’m familiar with blurting out desperate clunkers (something that always embarasses me afterwards) but begging is undignified. Step up your game salesman!

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