Movin’ on up outta here….

Posted on November 18, 2012


New York City in Winter (NASA, International S...

New York City in Winter (NASA, International Space Station, 01/09/11) (Photo credit: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center)

For the first time in my life I’ve moved to a different part of the country. The first 39 yrs and 11 mos of my life have been spent in the NYC-Long Island metro region, with short stints Upstate (for college) and southeastern Georgia (for work).  Now, I am officially living in Seattle, WA and getting used to life here.

I met a wonderful lady close to a year ago on a Christian website.  We began speaking on the phone quickly and then moved on to Skype for our nightly conversations.  After flying out to Seattle last February, I became convinced that she couldn’t move to New York….it was just too rough and dirty (and expensive).  I knew she was wife material and in order to plan a life together, I would have to move.

So after some discussion, I left my job in Brooklyn and moved out here the first week of October.  This was exactly three weeks before our wedding date.  She had done most of the work for the reception and only  needed to wrap up a few things before then.  Humorously, she credited me with having a calming effect on her even though most of that took place while I was still in New York.  She thanked me often for helping her not freak out about the wedding which was a generous compliment.

I rented a room in an apartment across the way from her place.  I spent all my time in her apartment other than sleeping.   The simple act of seeing her first thing in the morning and then eating breakfast with her really sped up the familiarity process for me.  This was accompanied by dinner together shortly after she got home from work (I usually had it ready to go by 5pm).  Other than the slight weirdness in playing the housewife role (which included running a few errands during the day naturally), there have been tremendous benefits from this practice. I am trying to enjoy it all because I know it’s not permanent.  Getting used to being in each other’s presence helped us on the honeymoon and in our sleeping arrangements (which had concerned me initially b/c I’m such a weird sleeper).

I’ve been here for almost two weeks post honeymoon and have adjusted physically.  The rain has not been as frequent as most non-Seattle people expect but it seems to threaten most days.  But, as my fiance has pointed out, the sky is light, almost white much of the time so the dreariness of an overcast day is lessened.  I had been dreading the famous Seattle weather, but I don’t think that will be much of an issue.  When it is sunny, the pine trees are visible and beautiful and the nickname “Evergreen State” seems completely appropriate.  However long we live in Seattle or Washington, I look forward to taking the days as they come. pacific nw pine trees

I do not have a job and that is worrisome….but I knew this before I planned the move.  If nothing comes from two leads I have within a reasonable amount of time, I plan on taking a call center job for an Assisted Living placement firm.  With some money coming in, I can continue to look and learn about the business I hope to enter (Assisted Living – Elder Care).  I have a lot of questions about making money in this business and would rather start sooner than later!

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