No Problem??!!

Posted on August 9, 2012


How often have I heard “No Problem” from a cashier or salesperson in a store when “thank you”  or “you’re welcome” would have been the correct response?? I’d say pretty often, at least here in Brooklyn.  It’s indicative of how little thought goes into everyday speech for much of the population.  Obviously, I don’t hold a 17 yr old at Duane Reade to the same standard as an Assistant D.A. (!) but maybe the contrast isn’t as wide as I’d think….

Twice, today, an A.D.A. used the lazy “No Problem” on me when she called to ask a few questions relating to a burglary I witnessed on the job.  I’ve heard DA jobs don’t normally go to those at the top of their class but c’mon!!!  Someone w a BA and a J.D. should know better.  Plus, she had a bit of an attitude….maybe she could try out for a role on Law and Order??? You know the gritty, tough-as-nails, overworked but loyal to a fault, beautiful but w baggage, fearless, stylish trial attorney fighting the good fight?  Makes a good TV character I guess.

The thief stole copper cable off the back of my company truck.  I saw him grab the last of the four coils and screamed at him to drop them.  He didn’t, so I ran after him and pulled the smaller ones from his shoulder.  He didn’t flinch, turn around or say anything, just kept marching towards the getaway car.  I thought better of fighting w him but got the license plate of the car.  The police were able to trace the car to an apartment and they said one of them is being charged w a felony (!).  Although I would not be able to identify either of the thieves (baseball hat and big sunglasses are great disguises) they said I might be called to testify if it goes to court.  Yippee!  Unfortunately, reporting a crime involves disclosing a LOT of personal information to the cops and who knows when that may come back to bite you!  Right off the bat, the same ADA wanted to know why my mailing address didn’t correspond to the address on my driver’s license.  Certainly, personal disclosure plays a part when deciding whether to call the police.  I don’t believe any “no questions asked” claim.  But, then again, bureaucracy has a way of tripping over itself so maybe there’s not all that much to worry about.

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